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How to add a supplier SKU to my products?
How to add a supplier SKU to my products?

Your supply might be using a different SKU code than yours. In this case you can easily add a secondary SKU code to your products.

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Fabrikatör allows you to keep supplier SKU codes under each product as well as your own SKU codes. These supplier SKU codes will be presented in your purchase orders including PDF and Excel files of the purchase order.

How to add Supplier SKU to product?

  1. Editing Supplier SKU for Individual Products:

To specify the supplier SKU for individual products, follow these steps:

  • Access the Products Page:

    • Navigate to the Products page in your Fabrikatör account.

  • Select the Product:

    • Choose the specific product to which you want to add or update the supplier SKU.

  • Input Supplier SKU:

    • Locate the designated field for the supplier SKU and enter the relevant information.

2.Bulk Updating Product Supplier SKU from the Products Page:

  • Go to Products page.

  • Click on the Export button to export products.

  • Open the downloaded CSV file and update Supplier SKU Coloumn

  • Click on the Import button to start the multistep importing process.

⚠️ Make sure the downloaded and updated file has the Fabrikatör ID column, as it is required for the upcoming importing step.

  • Click to choose a file or drag & drop it to the dashed area.

  • Click Next Step button, if you see the file you have chosen.

  • Click on the Choose Column dropdowns to match column.

  • In the example below, we will be selecting the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) field to update it on Fabrikatör.

  • After all columns are chosen, click on the Next Step button.

  • If there aren't any errors, click on the Import Data button.

  • After you see the successful message, click on the Close button to resume.

How does it look like as a result?

That's how it looks on Fabrikatör

and that's how it looks on purchase order PDFs

💡 Instead of Supplier SKU, you can also add a barcode or any other identifier that you would like to add to your inventory.

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