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How to sort purchase order line items on PO Show Page?
How to sort purchase order line items on PO Show Page?

Learn about how to sort products listing inside purchase order

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The default sorting of the purchase order's line items is in which order they have added. Sorting Purchase Order Line Items

By default, purchase order line items are sorted based on the order in which they were added. However, in cases where you have numerous products listed on a purchase order, you may find it beneficial to sort them based on criteria such as product name, quantity, or fulfillment status.

How to Sort

Sorting line items is simple. Clicking on the column name will sort the items in ascending order based on that column. A second click will sort them in descending order, and a third click will return the sorting to the default order.

Visual Indicators

Icons next to the column name indicate the current sorting order. For example, an arrow pointing downwards next to "Product Name" signifies that the items are sorted in descending order based on product name.

Automatic Saving

The selected sorting order is automatically saved. This means that when you navigate to another purchase order, it will be sorted according to the last selected sorting option.

Available Sorting Options

Purchase order line items support four different sorting options:

  1. Default sorting (order of addition)

  2. Product name

  3. Quantity

  4. Fulfillment status

To return to the default sorting option, simply click on any column name three times.

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