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How to track monthly sales revenue goals?
How to track monthly sales revenue goals?
Let us help you to track your sales performance easily
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Keeping an eye on monthly goals is always critical to check your store’s performance. As a store owner, founder, or head of operations of the company, your job requires you to know what’s the current performance of the store, is it possible to catch the sales goals, is there any minor or major events that you have to react to proactively.

With Fabrikator, it’s easy to track your store’s performance. Our widgets allow you to set your goals and compare them with actual results in real-time. Based on your velocity, KPI tracking is going to guide you about the achievability of your goals.

How to track monthly sales revenue goals?

The sales revenue widget on Control Center shows you the month to date sales revenue of your store. To be able to see your store’s progress, please click on the Set goal button, and define your monthly goals.

💡 The sales revenue is calculated based on the formula of the product price on the sales order x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns)

The modal shows the whole year. You can easily see what was your target per month, what was your actual sales revenues of the month and also define your upcoming months’ sales revenue goals. We always encourage you to set your monthly sales revenue goals till the end of the year. You can always adjust your goals later, but it’s helpful to have a goal.

Whenever the current month’s goal is defined, the sales revenue widget will show us what’s the performance of the sales according to the goal we define. Based on your goal, the status could be At Risk, Behind, or On Track. The example above shows us we’re behind on our goal.

What does the label indicate?

On Track: This label shows that you're either already reached your goal or if you keep generating revenue at the same pace, you'll likely reach your goal.

Behind: This label indicates that the pace is not enough to reach your monthly goal. You'll likely finish the month behind your goal, but at least fulfill 75% or more of the goal.

At Risk: This label indicates that the pace is not enough and you're not going to reach your goal. When you see this label, you should take an action to increase the revenue of your store.

To see which products or variants contribute to the sales and how much revenue they’ve generated, please click on See All button. The page will be redirected to the sales revenue report.

💡 We’re heavily investing in our KPI tracking abilities. There will be more KPIs and recommended actions for you about how to tackle if you’re behind your goals. If you’re interested in joining our beta releases, please get in touch with us via [email protected]

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