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How to track monthly average order value (AOV) goals?
How to track monthly average order value (AOV) goals?
Let us help you to track your average order value performance easily
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Keeping an eye on monthly goals is always critical to check your store’s performance. As a store owner, founder, or head of operations of the company, your job requires you to know what’s the current performance of the store, is it possible to catch the sales goals, is there any minor or major events that you have to react to proactively.

With Fabrikator, it’s easy to track your store’s performance. Our widgets allow you to set your goals and compare them with actual results in real-time. Based on your velocity, KPI tracking is going to guide you about the achievability of your goals.

How to track monthly average order value (AOV) goals?

Average Order Value is a critical indicator of your store's commercial performance. You should keep close track of the AOV and make sure you maintain the targeted level every month. We highly recommend entering your AOV goals in the control center so you make more conscious decisions.

Click on the Set goal to define monthly goals for AOV. The widget will track your AOV in real-time.

💡 The AOV calculation considers all sales revenue (excluding returns & cancellations, including discounts) divided by the number of sales orders within the month.

What does the label indicate?

On Track: This label shows that you're already reached your goal.

Behind: This label indicates that the AOV is behind your monthly goal. This label is shown then the AOV is at least 75% of your goal.

At Risk: This label indicates that AOV is 75% or lower than your goal. When you see this label, you should take an action to increase AOV.

💡 We’re heavily investing in our KPI tracking abilities. There will be more KPIs and recommended actions for you about how to tackle if you’re behind your goals. If you’re interested in joining our beta releases, please get in touch with us via [email protected]

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