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How to use Reports?
How to use Reports?
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Reports are saved analysis results that can be customized and revisited later. It allows you to access results of your own criteria and columns whenever you want. For example, as a head of operations, it’s possible to list the fast-selling products within 60 days or expected stockouts for the next 30 days.

There are also a couple of suggested report templates you can use and customize. All can be accessible under the Reports page. We’re adding new reports regularly, thus, don’t forget to check out our new reports!

Creating Reports

You can create a new report by clicking the New report button on the Reports page. The page will be opened with the report preparation wizard.

The page will show all the active products you have. You can add or remove filters to list your products. You can also add or remove columns to the table depending on which data you want to access. You can also switch the view between products or variants. For example, the screenshot below shows the products whose name contains ‘Coral’, and the inventory level is greater than zero. Also, the table shows inventory level, total incoming, average sales per day, and last 90 days’ sales performance.

If you want to access this report later, you can save your filters by clicking the Save report button. Give your report a name on the opened modal and save your report for later usage. An alternative way of creating a new report is to visit one of the suggested reports, apply your changes on top of it and save it as a new report.

You can access your saved reports under the Reports page.

Updating reports

Let’s imagine that you want to add products whose name contains ‘jeans’ to your current report. After adding the filters, the only thing you should do is to click on the Update report button. You’ll be asked to approve to update your report. Your report criteria will be updated after you approve.

You can also rename or delete your report by clicking on the dropdown icon right next to Update report button.

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