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How to import purchase orders into Fabrikatör?
How to import purchase orders into Fabrikatör?

Let's learn how to import purchase orders into Fabrikatör!

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If you have a set of spreadsheets for purchase orders, don't worry, you can import them directly into the Fabrikatör.

Go to Purchase Orders on the left menu bar.

1) Click the "Import" option

2) The following page should appear, describing the steps you need to follow. Click "Next Step."

3) You can import your file in an .xls or .csv format. Drag or upload your spreadsheet to the area.

4) Match your columns as it is stated.

5) Voila! You're done.

💡 Make sure that SKUs in your spreadsheet match your list on the Fabrikatör. Otherwise, you may get the following warning:

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