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How to edit CSV export templates?
How to edit CSV export templates?

Learn how to edit CSV export templates.

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1- Go to the settings page.

2- Find export template settings.

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3- Click customize button.

4- Find the export data you want to edit and click on it.

Now that you can see the export template edit page.

5- You can edit your export template name which will be shown in the menus. Try giving names that summarize the template.

6- You can edit your CSV columns.

  • Data means the data which will fill the corresponding cell.

  • The column name is the name that will be used in the CSV column.

  • You can use the remove button at the end of the line to remove columns.

  • You can use the add new header button to add a new column to your CSV.

  • You can use the drag button at the start of the line to change your columns’ order with drag and drop.

7- When you finish editing you can use the update button to finish your editing also you can use the delete button to delete the template.

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