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What happens when I reject inventory
What happens when I reject inventory
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In cases where items cannot be sent, have been damaged, or have been mistakenly sent, you may need to reject certain purchased products. For these types of requirements, Fabrikator has a feature to reject products from Purchase Order. You can use the Receive Inventory page for this purpose.

  1. Impact on Available Stock and Restock Quantity:

    • The rejected quantity does not impact the available stock level or the suggested restock quantity. In other words, it doesn't change the number of items you have in stock or how many you should reorder.

  2. Received Item Quantity:

    • The received item quantity will be calculated as the sum of both the rejected and accepted quantities.

  3. Purchase Order Export:

    • When exporting a Purchase Order (PO), the rejected quantity will be included in both the PDF and CSV outputs, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

  4. Custom Reports:

    • You have the option to create custom reports that use rejected quantities as part of your reporting and analysis.

In summary, rejecting inventory does not affect your stock levels or restocking recommendations, but it is documented in your records for reporting and analysis purposes.

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