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How do we tag Backorders in Shopify?
How do we tag Backorders in Shopify?
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How Fabrikatör Tags Backorders

Fabrikatör uses a tagging system to identify and manage backorders effectively. This helps in distinguishing different scenarios in backorders.

  • FABRIKATOR_BACKORDER: This tag is used when users explicitly click the "preorder" button to purchase backorder items.

  • FABRIKATOR_BACKORDER_REVIEW: This tag is used for backorders that are purchased without viewing the pre-order button. Fabrikatör can detect these orders as backorders but tags them as "FABRIKATOR_BACKORDER_REVIEW" to prompt a review. This can happen for two reasons:

    1. Customized theme compatibility: Some Shopify stores have unique theme customizations, like custom quick-add buttons or other custom codes.

    2. Other sales channels: Backorders from other sales channels beyond Shopify, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

⚠️ This happens due to the technical limitations of Shopify and Meta.

💡 In some cases, an order may require both tags. For example, an order may contain backordered items from both the preorder button and a custom quick-add button.

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