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How to bulk update Products via CSV import?
How to bulk update Products via CSV import?

Learn how to edit products in bulk via CSV import

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1. Go to Products page.

2. Click on the Export button to export products.

3. Open the downloaded CSV file and update the columns.

At the moment, we only support Minimum Order Quantity, Batch Size, Product SKU,Supplier SKU, Lead Time, Forecasting Days and Days of Stock to bulk update products.

4. Click on the Import button to start the multistep importing process.

⚠️ Make sure the downloaded and updated file has the Fabrikatör ID column, as it is required for the upcoming importing step.

5. If downloaded, the file has the Fabrikatör ID, click Next Step button.

6. Click to choose a file or drag & drop it to the dashed area.

7. Click Next Step button, if you see the file you have chosen.

8. Click on the Choose Column dropdowns to match column.

9. In the example below, we will be selecting the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) field to update it on Fabrikatör.

10. After all columns are chosen, click on the Next Step button.

11. If there aren't any errors, click on the Import Data button.

12. After you see the successful message, click on the Close button to resume.

13. You should see the updated Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) from the example above.

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