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What is Freight Planner?
What is Freight Planner?

Learn how to make informed freight type decisions and optimize distribution with Freight Planner.

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What is Freight Planner?

Freight Planner helps you when you need to make decisions about both the shipment method for purchase orders and the allocation of items among various methods. There are mainly two freight types; air and ocean. While air is faster and expensive, ocean is slower and cheaper.

You would decide which mode of transport to use based on the urgency of the products. The urgency is defined by the forecasted stockout date of each product and its financial impact.

How to Use Freight Planner

  1. To get started, simply click "Calculate Freight Cost" under any Purchase Order.

How to Calculate Optimized Freight Distribution

  1. Start by configuring the Manufacturing Time.

  2. Specify the expected arrival dates for both Air Freight and Ocean Freight.

  3. Click the "Calculate" button to view the Optimized Freight Distribution.

  4. This will provide you with the following information:

    1. List of products on the Purchase Order.

    2. Total quantity ordered for each product.

    3. Air Quantity: Indicates how many products should be shipped via Air Freight.

    4. Ocean Quantity: Indicates how many products should be shipped via Ocean Freight.

    5. Projected Savings: This shows you how much $$$ you can save by splitting your PO between air and ocean freight based on stockout forecasts.

  5. You can then proceed to download the results for your reference.

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