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What is multiple Shopify store integration on Fabrikatör?
What is multiple Shopify store integration on Fabrikatör?
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Fabrikatör's Multi Shopify Integration feature allows you to connect all your Shopify stores to your Fabrikatör account. With this integration, you can see the sales revenue of multiple stores in one place, forecast inventory for both stores and your backorders will be synced across stores.

What brands should use this feature?

✅ Same brand, operating in different countries with overlapping SKUs across stores.

Example: You started using Fabrikatör with your UK store and then you opened a USA store. You can easily connect your USA store to Fabrikatör to centralize your inventory planning process.


  • Forecast demand for multiple stores under one Fabrikatör account

  • Create a single purchase order to cover the demand of all stores

  • Gain a comprehensive view of inventory analytics across multiple stores.

  • Manage and sync backorders across all connected stores.

Limitation: One current limitation is that all integrated Shopify stores must have the same set of products with matching SKUs.

Example Scenario:

Imagine you have two stores - Store 1 with products A, B, C, and Store 2 with products A, D, E. The current implementation handles this case as follows:

  • Products A, B, and C are visible under Fabrikatör.

  • Upon connecting the second store, only product A is matched, and D and E are skipped.

  • The sales forecasting of product A is based on sales from both stores.

  • Backorders are managed for A, B, and C across whichever store they’re available. In this case, backorders will be managed on both stores for the product A, while B and C are only managed on the first store.

  • However, products D and E cannot be displayed under Fabrikatör as they cannot be matched with Store 1.

Upcoming Improvement: We are actively working to improve Multi Shopify Store Integration by removing the limitation related to the requirement all integrated Shopify stores must have the same set of products. Soon, all products, whether matched or not, will be manageable on Fabrikatör.

To learn how to integrate additional stores with Fabrikatör, follow this guide.

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