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How does Fabrikatör AI Algorithm forecast demand plan?
How does Fabrikatör AI Algorithm forecast demand plan?
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We base our forecasting on your historical sales data to project future demand. Monthly projections align with your selected planning period.

Here's how we calculate your forecast:

  1. Recent Trends: Our AI-driven algorithm analyzes your product group's recent sales trends to identify patterns and make accurate forecasts.

  2. Seasonality: We account for seasonal variations, adjusting forecasts to reflect changing sales patterns during different times of the year.

  3. Holidays: Sales data around public holidays in your country is considered, ensuring forecasts capture holiday-related shifts in consumer behavior.

  4. Marketing Events: Key events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are factored in, with sales data from these periods informing our forecasts.

Can I Plan Based on Revenue?

  • Currently, revenue-based planning is not available. However, it's a feature we're actively working on and is on our roadmap for future development.

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