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How to create a Demand & Supply plan?
How to create a Demand & Supply plan?
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  1. Begin by clicking the "Start Planning" button on the Demand & Supply Planning Page.

2. In the "Customize Plan" section:

  • Define the Date Range for your Demand & Supply Plan.

3. Define Your Demand Forecasting Strategy

  • Use Fabrikatör AI Algorithm: Utilize the built-in AI to generate your demand forecast.

  • Set Your Growth Rate Compared to Last Year: Manually set a growth rate for your demand plan based on last year sales performance. You can input positive, negative, or zero growth rates.

4. After configuring your plan details, click "Create a Plan." You are now ready to view your Demand Plan!

ℹ️ You can create a plan for up to the next 15 months from today.

Additionally, you can always create a new plan directly from the Demand Plan Screen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plan Creation

Can I create more than one plan?
Yes, you can create multiple plans. There is currently no limitation on the number of plans you can create.

Can I delete a plan?
No, currently you cannot delete a plan. However, this feature is on our backlog, and we will consider it for upcoming development cycles.

In this video, we provide a comprehensive tutorial on creating a plan and configuring forecasting settings.

To proceed to the next video and explore how to edit your Demand Plan, please visit the article on editing demand plans.

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