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How to edit Purchase Order Number Settings?
How to edit Purchase Order Number Settings?
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To edit Purchase Order Number Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page.

  2. Land to Purchase Order Settings.

  3. Set Prefix:

    • The default Prefix is "PO#".

    • You can customize it to your preference or leave it empty (optional).

    • For example, you can use "PO" or the first two letters of your company's name like "LB".

    • Editing the Prefix will affect the next PO numbers generated.

  4. Set Next PO Number:

    • Choose the starting number for your next PO, such as 1 or any other desired number.

    • The PO numbers will increase incrementally based on the set Prefix and Next PO Number.

    • For instance, if you set the Prefix as "PO#" and the Next PO Number as 1, subsequent PO numbers will be generated as PO#2, PO#3, and so on.

  5. Click Update

Follow these steps to customize your Purchase Order numbering settings with ease!

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