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How to Receive Inventory via Barcode Scanner in Fabrikatör?
How to Receive Inventory via Barcode Scanner in Fabrikatör?

By following these steps, you can receive inventory using a barcode scanner in Fabrikatör.

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Using a barcode scanner can streamline the process of receiving items and ensure accuracy. Follow these steps to receive items via barcode scanner in Fabrikatör:

Setting Up

  1. Ensure Barcode Information:

    • Make sure all items on your purchase order have barcode information in Fabrikatör.

Receiving Items

  1. Navigate to Purchase Order:

  2. Click Receive Inventory:

    • Select the purchase order you want to receive items for and click on "Receive Inventory."

  3. Use Barcode Scanner:

    • Click the "Receive via Barcode Scanner" button.

  4. Scan Items:

    • Using a barcode scanner attached to your computer, scan the received items.

    • As you scan, item information will populate on the screen.

  5. Edit Quantities:

    • You can edit the quantity of accepted and rejected items directly on the screen.

    • View the status of received items to ensure all are accounted for.

Troubleshooting Receiving Using a Barcode Scanner

  • Products must be on the Related Purchase Order:

    • Ensure that the items you are scanning are listed on the corresponding purchase order.

  • Barcode Scanner Compatibility:

    • Verify that your barcode scanner is compatible with the barcode formats you are using. Common formats include EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, and Code 128. Not all scanners will read all formats, so check your scanner’s specifications.

By following these steps, you can efficiently receive items using a barcode scanner, ensuring that the right products are received and accurately recorded in your inventory.

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