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How to revert previously Received Inventory?
How to revert previously Received Inventory?

Find out how to revert received inventory on a purchase order.

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If you made a mistake on the amount of received inventory for a specific purchase order, now there is a way to revert it!

  1. Go to the Purchase Orders page and decide on which received inventory to be reverted.

  2. Click the downward looking arrow head to see both the details and the revert button.

3. If you are sure on the received items to be reverted, click the Revert button, which will open a confirmation modal before starting the revert process.

4. The modal will have two options depending on how you have received inventory:

  • Revert and Update Shopify option will revert the received items on Fabrikatör and apply the same changes on Shopify too.

  • Revert but Don't Update Shopify option will revert the received items, but won't do any changes on Shopify.

⭐️ Make sure you understand the reverting process itself is not reversible. If you have reverted by mistake, you might want to follow "How to receive inventory?" article.

Choose your preferred way and If you are sure, go head and click the Revert received inventory button.

❗️ If you have not chosen the "Update Shopify when items received" option while you were receiving the inventory, you won't be able to choose it at this stage.

5. A strike-through will be added to the reverted item's activity to display the action taken on the activity itself.

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