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How to receive inventory?
How to receive inventory?

In this article you will find how to update your received inventory

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  1. Go to the Purchase Orders page to update the received inventory and click on the PO you receive.

  2. Click the Receive Inventory button on the right of the page.

3. You will be greeted with a modal to either to send the stock count you have received to Shopify or not.

🚀 Pro Tip: Toggle the "Use the selection next time automatically" to save your option as a default behaviour to save time!

4. You can easily pick the purchase order's received date. By default, it will use today's date.

5. Enter the accepted quantity and rejected quantity you have received.

🚀 Pro Tip: You can use use ‘Accept All’ or ‘Reject All’ buttons on the top of the table to manipulate all line items.

6. After entering the quantity, click the Save & Update Shopify button for your received inventory in Fabrikatör.

❗️ Did you mean to choose another Receive Inventory option? Click the Cancel button and start over the process. If the modal is missing from the third step, check the Settings page for the default Receive Inventory option.


  • The rejected quantity won't affect the available stock and the suggested restock quantity.

  • When you received all the products in the PO, the status will change to "Received".

  • If you are waiting for more products, but received some of them, the status will be updated as "Partially Received".

  • After your supplier approves your PO, but you haven't received it yet, the status will be "Approved".

🚀 Pro Tip: While you're waiting for your PO to arrive, you can activate backorder to continue selling. You can check How to activate backorders article.

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