How to Edit Demand Plan?

Editing your plan is a simple process. Follow these steps to make edit.

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  1. Navigate to the Demand Plan Table: Click on any cell within the demand plan table where you wish to make changes. This action will enable you to input new values.

2. Input New Values: Once you've selected a cell, simply type in the new value.

That's it! Once you've edited a value, you'll notice the baseline value, originally forecasted by Fabrikatör, displayed alongside. This provides you with a comparison to gauge the impact of your edits.

Feel free to make edits to your demand plan as needed.

In which cell can I edit?

You can make edits at the following cells:

  • Product Group: Edit values for entire product groups.

  • Variant: Edit values for individual product variants.

  • Total Month: Edit total values for specific months.

ℹ️ When you edit a value at the product group level and months, the changes will be distributed across SKUs based on the value of the variant.

In this video, we provide a walkthrough on how to edit your demand plan effectively.

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