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How to turn a Demand plan into Supply plan?
How to turn a Demand plan into Supply plan?
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When you create or edit your demand plan, ”if you have not created a plan yet or edited your plan, follow the steps outlined in the article How to create a Demand & Supply plan? and How to Edit Demand Plan? “ Fabrikatör automatically creates a supply plan by recommending purchase orders. Follow these steps to create a supply plan from your demand plan:

  1. Click "Show Supply Plan" Button: Click on the "Show Supply Plan" button to access your supply plan. You'll be prompted to select the Restock Frequency, which determines how often your purchase orders will be placed. For more details on Restock Frequency, visit What is PO Restock Frequency?

  2. Creating Supply Plan: Once you've set the Restock Frequency and click "Show Supply Plan" button, your supply plan will be created based on your demand plan. We'll recommend purchase orders to you based on your supply demand.

  3. Review Supply Plan based on Supplier and Month: On the Supply Plan Page, you have the option to view recommended POs based on Supplier or Month.

    1. Group by Supplier: View recommended purchase orders based on the supplier of the product.

    2. Group by Month: View recommended purchase orders based on the recommended order date.

  4. Converting Recommended PO to Purchase Orders: While we recommend purchase orders to you, you have the flexibility to convert recommended POs to actual POs. For more information, visit How to convert Recommended PO to Purchase Order

  5. Viewing All, Draft, and Approved POs on Supply Plan: After converting recommended POs to POs, you can view them based on their status: Draft or Approved. Additionally, you can view recommended, draft, and approved POs together on the "All" tab.

⚠️ If you make changes to your demand plan, the recommended POs will be automatically regenerated to reflect these adjustments. Simply click the "Update Supply Plan" button on the Demand Plan Page to update the recommended purchase orders based on your edits.

🗒️ Note: Converting recommended POs to purchase orders (POs) - whether Draft, Approved, Received, or Partially Received - will preserve them from being regenerated. This ensures you do not lose already created POs. For guidance on converting recommended POs to POs, please visit How Can I View the Converted Recommended PO?

In this video, we demonstrate How to turn a Demand plan into Supply plan in detail.

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