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How to convert Recommended PO to Purchase Order?
How to convert Recommended PO to Purchase Order?

Converting Recommended PO to Purchase Order: Step-by-Step Guide

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Once your demand plan is finalized, it's time to move to supply planning. On the Supply Planning Screen, you'll find Recommended Purchase Orders, Drafts, and Approved POs of the Supply Plan. To learn more about How to turn a Demand plan into Supply plan?, please visit this article.

Recommended Purchase Orders are Supply Plan suggestions based on your demand plan. We've filled in supplier details, recommended order dates, estimated arrival dates based on supplier lead times, and set product quantities for your convenience. We've also calculated the total units and cost of each recommended PO.

Here's how to convert a Recommended PO to a Purchase Order:

  1. Click Review Recommended PO:
    Click the "Review" button to inspect each recommended PO individually.

  2. Check Recommended PO Details:
    Upon clicking "Review," you'll see details such as product name, SKU, supplier SKU, recommended quantity, unit price, total product cost, supplier information, recommended order date, and estimated arrival.

  3. Convert to Purchase Order: Inside the modal, click the "Convert To PO" button. This action will redirect you to the create PO screen.

  4. Edit PO Details: On the create PO screen, you can modify your PO. Adjust quantities, change suppliers, update order dates, and estimated arrival dates as needed.

  5. Create PO: After making the necessary edits, click "Create PO." The newly created PO will appear on the Supply Plan Page, indicating its status as either draft or approved.

  6. View Created PO: Click the "View" button of the created PO to navigate to the PO Screen for further inspection.

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