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How to add a freight method to a Purchase Order?
How to add a freight method to a Purchase Order?
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  1. Create a new or edit an existing Purchase Order.

  2. Select Freight Method:

    • Choose a freight method from the available options: Air, Ocean, Rail, or Road.

    • Alternatively, input your own custom freight method.

  3. Save Changes:

    • After selecting the freight method, save the changes to the purchase order.

  4. View Freight Method:

    • The chosen freight method will now be displayed on the Purchase Order Screen.

🌟 Analyze Freight Methods: You can analyze freight methods in reports by including the Purchase Orders Freight Method column.

Download and Share Freight Method

You have the option to download the Purchase Order in PDF and CSV formats, which include the freight method by default. Additionally, you can customize the export template according to your requirements. For instructions on how to edit the export template, please visit How to edit CSV&PDF export templates?

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